Kornberg Castle – Exhibition Highlights

The exhibition centre on the castle road amid the hot springs and volcanic landscape of Styria

8330 Kornberg, Dörfl 2

The exhibition castle amid the hot springs and volcanic landscape of Styria

“Das Christkind kommt ganz bestimmt” – oder besser gesagt wir sollten ihm helfe. Bei der Weihnachtsaustellung auf Schloss Kornberg finden Sie wunderbare  Stücke, Kunsthandwerk vom Feinsten.

Vergönnen Sie sich einen Ausflug zu einem der schönsten Schlösser Österreichs.


Our event location is equipped

  • WLAN
  • Stage
  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Garden
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Castle courtyard
  • Park
  • Open-air concert venue
  • Parking area
  • Taxi nearby


  • Restaurant on site


  • Nearby

Sanitary facilities

  • Ladies/Gentlemen extra


  • Box office
  • Reservation & registration necessary (COVID19)
  • Prepayment

History of the house and its residents:

Then and now

The first recorded mention of Kornberg Castle dates from 1284. As a fortified access to nearby Riegersburg, Kornberg initially had a defensive function. Amid the hot springs and volcanic landscape of Styria, the castle gained its present appearance as a result of the lavish extension work of the barons of Stadl in the 16th and 17th centuries. The layout of the castle as an irregular hexagon fortified with towers is of particular interest.

Charles François, Count of Bardeau, bought the castle and the lordship of Kornberg in 1871. Together with his wife Emma, Countess of Bellegarde, he had the castle furnished in the northern Italian style; the original furnishings can still be seen to this day. Today, Consul Andreas Bardeau manages the castle for his family. The personal tours with the lord of the manor are especially impressive, as they lead directly through the family’s reception rooms. As an event location, the offering is completed with a castle restaurant, seasonal exhibitions such as the Easter and Christmas exhibitions, a gallery, Europe’s largest carpet exhibition and 2 exhibitions in the Meierhof (steward’s quarters) of Kornberg Castle.


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